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Brigade's Commision Speech Empty Brigade's Commision Speech

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The hanger of the Liliaceae Aerie was unusually quiet for the evening. Tubing, equipment and tools all lay were they were dropped while their owners found seats where they could. Some technicians sat on the aircraft whereas some found seats on equipment. All of them stared slack jawed at a site that most men only dream of. Four thousand women stood in rows before a chimera parked sideways, clothed in a black dress uniform and a red beret adorned with a gold pin. The pin depicted a winged women garbed in armor wielding a sword and shield surrounded by a holy aura. Not a single woman moved or showed discomfort. Each was like statues before the figure coming up the metal stairs to the top of the chimera. Behind him was a servitor delicately balancing an engraved pulse rifle on a red pillow. Sitting on the turret were two figure, one distinctly xenos while was a human dressed the same as the troops. The brigade's flag flutter as a backdrop to the chimera stage. As Cain's black boots made contact with the troop hatch on top he couldn't but grin at the impressive force before him.

The last few months the officer had spent training them in combat and tactics. It was with his hand that he refined what were once simple warrior woman into such a formidable fighting force that even he felt the Emperor's pleasure. Each one was personally tested by Cain, their combat prowess was even better than most Guard forces he had served with. They had taken up an ancient human religion to mold their ethics and conduct of battle. Norse mythology seemingly fit these soldiers. Already hardy, strong while having to face being outcasts Cain found that even he was being swept up in it. Most were ready to shrug off the shackles of their old world hence why they so readily accepted that the God-Emperor as their war god. To his utmost pleasure he found each almost dying to spill the blood of the enemies of the Emperor, an eagerness that he molded and allowed to flourish. It was this faith that Cain taught them to harness as fuel. Faith awarded them with something akin to the berserker rage of the old world. As he stared out at the amassed daughters of the Emperor he felt pride and honor to have a hand in their creation. May the Emperor watch over all of you he thought silently as he motioned both Do-Roka and Marisana to stand, they obliged before stepping forward.

Looking both of them in the eye Cain silently passed immense respect to each while giving an Aquila salute. Only Marisana returned it while Do-Roka looked confused. Reaching down he pulled out his Ripper pistol, handing it butt first to the brigade CO. She took it with a surprised look,

"Marisana, may it serve you well and fell many enemies of the Emperor that stand in your way. As the commanding officer of this fine force I congratulate you on your position at the head." Giving a silent thank you nod she retreated back to her seat as Cain turned to the Kroot. "Do-Roka, you have command of this brigade. They are your sword but wield them wisely and treat them as your own kindred. Do this and I assure you they will fight strongly." Reaching back he picked up the pulse rifle with both hands before handing it to the Kroot. "May this serve you well, shall it bring much honor to you and your kindred." With that the Kroot backed off, too busy inspecting the rifle to care about much else. It was an old weapon with the brigade's name engraved along the side. Smiling Cain turned on his heels to face the troops. Watching as each snapped tighter under his eyes he began to pace.

"Woman of the 1st D'Autry Liberation Brigade, I have spent the last months training by your side. I have tested your mettle with both weapon and mind. Let me tell you this! I fear for the poor son of bitches who are foolish enough to stand in your way!" He exclaimed to a cheer from the troops. "Now I do not know what we will face in the future nor do I rightly worry. Chaos, Tyranids, Tau and whatever may stand in our way I know with you beside me that I cannot fail. Nor shall you! Even the very gods of Ruinous Powers shall quake at our approach!" Another hearty cheer. "When they see us they will run for their lives and till the end they will pay with their lives! We will fight for the Imperium, fighting with steel before killing all of them with our mighty arms. Then we will gladly ride through their blood that we have gladly shed! It is our seal of freedom!" This incited more cheering and hollering.

"I can see by the look in your eyes you have come here for a fight, armed with a heart of steel and faith to that end I shall oblige you! So I now issue the call, are you ready to fight!?" A resounding yes filled the large hanger, deafening. "Are you ready to lay low the enemies of the Imperium and Emperor?" Another loud yes. "Do you swear as long as blood stains your steel to never kneel to any man but the Emperor?" Another rowdy cheer which elicited one form Cain, he waited for it to die down to continue. "Soldiers that stand before me, waiting in a line to hear the battle cry, we are fighting for a righteous cause. Now swear to me that the blood upon your steel shall never dry! Like thunder from the sky we shall descend upon the enemy to deliver their doom, sworn to fight and die. Many stand against us but they will never win. We shall bring them destruction, death and suffering for we are the very hammer of the Emperor!" Another loud cheer. "We shall charge them with a blinding light and in their final hours they shall confess before they die!"

He paused to look at the riled up soldiers, most were pumping their fists in the air as blood flowed. Giving them a wicked grin to which many returned Cain began again. "If I shall fall in battle, my brothers who stand beside me promise me that you shall gather my weapons. Tell my family how I fell, refusing to give an inch. Until then however I will be strong, fighting for all that is right. All that stands in my way shall die." Another cheer rocked the cruiser. "The universe shall remember us as the ones who refused to back down, not an inch we will give. They shall write epics back on Terra of our glorious deeds describing us as killers of men avenging our fallen to the end. Our deed will scorch the land and blood shall be our name! Daughters of the Emperor, today is only the beginning of your glorious future. Faith and strength shall push you through whatever you may face. I know you will not disappoint me or the Emperor! Now what do you say, are you ready to kick ass and kick in the doors of Valhalla?" Cain cheered loudly and was greeted with an even louder cheer followed by a dispersing of the formation. Smiling he hopped down, taking some wine form a nearby servitor to enjoy the celebration.


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